Free Online Banking, Bill Pay, and Touch Tone Teller Services!

The online banking platform has increased abilities that you can customize for your own personal needs.  Using E Alerts and Preferences, you can create email alerts to notify you when balances fall below a specified amount; notify you when specified checks clear; notify you when rates change or for special offers; and much more.   You will still be able to view account histories and perform transfers and other transactions. Register for this free service by contacting the credit union and a temporary password will be emailed to you.  To qualify for this service, you must provide us a valid email address.

We have recently added the bill pay feature to our online banking platform.  Use of this service is being offerred free of charge to active users of the online banker.  Call us and we will gladly activate this service for you.

In addition, with E Statements, you can receive your statements electronically.  This will ensure that your statements are received by you in a timely and secure fashion.  And ecologically friendly!

The Touch Tone Teller Platform continues to be a very popular amongst credit union members to access their credit union accounts 24/7.  The first time you access the new platform, you will use your account number as the base account number, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number as the PIN (or password).  You will then be prompted to change the temporary PIN to a permanent PIN.  A listing of popular codes are available on the credit union's website under "Applications and Forms" or we can send one to you.

We think that once you give the credit union's online services a will be happy that you did.