McKesson and Sikorsky Merger Update

Some things to be aware of in anticipation of the merger:

  • The credit union will not accept new members or process new loans after August 31.
  • McKesson's online banking will shutdown on September 29.  Effective October 2, you will be able to enroll in Sikorsky’s Online Banking program.
  • McKesson's BillPay will discontinue all payment processing on September 22.  Any payments scheduled after September 22 will not be processed.  We encourage members to document and download their existing payees to assist in setting up new BillPay accounts at Sikorsky beginning on October 2. 
  • New McKesson issued Mastercard debit cards will not be produced after August 30.
  • McKesson issued MasterCard debit cards will be shutdown on September 29.  Members with active debit cards will receive Sikorsky issued debit cards that will be operational with their accounts on October 2.
  • McKesson members will be able to conduct business at all Sikorsky branches beginning on October 2.

The above actions are necessary to enhance Sikorsky's ability to convert our credit union's membership and account data to their data processing systems.  Check back for further updates.  Thank you.