Loan Rates

Rates Effective June 1, 2023

Vehicle Loans
  Term APR*
New or Used Auto 24 Months as low as 5.49%
New or Used Auto 36 Months as low as 5.49%
New or Used Auto 48 Months as low as 5.49%
New or Used Auto 60 Months as low as 5.49%
New Auto 72 Months as low as 5.99%
~ 2016 or newer, NADA Retail
Personal & Co-maker Loans
Minimum Maximum Term APR*
$1,000 $7,500 Up to 60 months as low as 8.99%
Share Draft Overdraft Protection
Maximum Amount APR*
$1,000 14.90%
VISA Classic (No Annual Fee)
Maximum (credit lines up to) APR* Cash Advances APR*
$7,000 14.90% 12.90%
Share Secured Loans
Type Minimum Term APR*
Regular Shares $1,000 Up to 60 months 3.50%
Term Share Certificate $1,000 Up to 36 months Share Certificate rate plus 3.00%
Home Equity Loans (CT Only)#
Minimum Maximum Term APR*
$25,000 $100,000 Up to 60 months as low as 6.49%
$25,000 $100,000 Up to 84 months as low as 6.99%
$25,000 $100,000 Up to 120 months as low as 7.49%
Home Equity Lines of Credit (CT Only)#@
Minimum Maximum APR*
$25,000 $100,000 Not Currently Being Offered

*Annual Percentage Rate

#70% maximum loan to value. No closing costs. Member may be responsible for actual closing costs incurred by the credit union if the related loan is paid off within one year of closing.

@ Home Equity Lines of Credit provide for a draw period of up to five years, followed by up to a ten year repayment term.   During the draw period, the member is required to make monthly interest only payments.  These HELOCs are variable rate, with the rate adjusting twice yearly to an index based upon the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate.  The interest rate payable upon a Home Equity Line of Credit is subject to an interest rate minimum of 5.0% APR.

All rates, terms, and yields are subject to change - please call for current rates and complete terms. The rate you pay will be determined by your credit history. Rates available on approved credit.