About Us

Founded in 1937, McKesson Federal Credit Union is a Federally insured, member owned, full service financial institution. For over a half century, we have been committed to providing employees of our employee groups and their families with diversified, high quality, competitively priced financial products and services. Call us to find out if, or how, you can qualify for membership. You as a member/owner are entitled to enjoy the full benefits of membership, including lower loan costs, higher savings rates, and a variety of free or low cost services.

Residents of the south end of Stratford CT are also eligible to belong to McKesson Federal Credit Union and utilize any of our offices.

If your company desires credit union membership for its employees, you may become eligible for membership by submitting a request to McKesson FCU that states your company's employees would like to be permitted to join McKesson FCU. The credit union will submit the request electronically to the NCUA, the credit union's regulatory body, and the request is normally approved immediately. Upon approval, the credit union is able to accept new members for your company immediately. Please call Gary Hultgren at 203-381-9492, ext. 11 if you are interested in joining the credit union as a small business group.

If you have any questions about our membership requirements or any of our many products and services, please send us an email (see below), call us or stop in at the main office or any of our branch offices. We are here to help you grow financially, to serve your immediate needs and to keep you on solid financial ground for the future. The entire credit union staff looks forward to serving you.

Credit Union Personnel
Name Phone Email
Gary Hultgren
203-381-9492 x11 gary@mckessonfcu.org
Barbara Loose
Operations Manager
203-381-9492 x12 barbara@mckessonfcu.org
Anita Murphy
Lending Specialist
203-381-9492 x13 anita@mckessonfcu.org
Membership Officer/MSR 203-381-9492 x10 admin@mckessonfcu.org
Myreille Philitas
Account Specialist
203-381-9492 x15 myreille@mckessonfcu.org
Merri Stephens
Milford Branch Rep
203-301-1056 merri@mckessonfcu.org
MaryBeth Detuzzi
Derby Branch Rep
203-732-7175 marybeth@mckessonfcu.org



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